Terrakom deploys IBM Flex Systems to provision private, public and hybrid cloud infrastructures

Enterprise software vendor IBM announced that Terrakom, a Croatian telecom services provider focused on hosting and cable-based telecommunication services, has deployed IBM Flex Systems to provision private, public and hybrid cloud infrastructures.

Its clients span a broad range – from big retail chains and insurance companies to universities and individual subscribers, said IBM in a statement.

Andrej Kalanović, member of Management Board, Terrakom, said: “With the new IT infrastructure, we reduced our hardware inventory by 60 percent and increased our efficiency by 35 percent.”


The new systems will improve the quality of Terrakom’s cloud environment, help the company enter a new market segment and meet increasing client demands for services delivered through the cloud. The IBM Flex System will also help to ensure uninterrupted operation of all system components and significantly reduce Terrakom’s energy consumption.

IBM Flex Systems, which are designed to provide easy implementation of cloud applications, will enable Terrakom to deliver applications within four minutes of a client service request, effectively making the company into an IaaS services provider as well.

Terrakom will utilize part of the new system as a voice platform, while the other will be used in combination with new IBM Flex System to strengthen Terrakom’s capabilities to design and offer new cloud based services faster to the market. The company has established a new dedicated brand for these new private, pubic and hybrid cloud offerings – INSIDE Cloud.

Along with IBM Flex System, Terrakom deployed the IBM Storwize v3700 data storage system, complementing its existing IBM infrastructure that has been in use since 2010.

Since the systems were launched in April 2012, more than 8,000 clients from 100 countries have selected IBM PureSystems.

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