TargetX launches two new cloud-based CRM tools

TargetX has launched two new cloud-based CRM tools for the education sector.

The student-recruiting company serving higher education segment is looking at expanding into the advancement and student-retention areas with the new CRM tools.

TargetX’s new CRM modules are built on the platform of, a provider of customer relationship management and cloud computing solutions.

“It is built with TargetX’s unparalleled communication tools so that colleges can create relationships with students, alumni, potential donors and other key constituencies. Data and services can be accessed and shared by all departments using the system,” said TargetX CEO Brian Wm. Niles.

There is increasing pressure to identify and recruit best-fit students, retain those students through graduation, and maintain beneficial relationships through their many years as alumni and potential donors.

Understanding the nature of best fit is critical because it impacts every facet of an institution. The way we look at it, a best-fit student makes your school their first choice, they love it there, they leave it better than they found it, they graduate from it, and then give back to it — financially and otherwise.

Traditional ERP and SIS are not able to help education institutes to engage the prospective student and build on the relationship over decades.

“ERP and SIS solutions do a good job with transactional processes, like sending out bills and keeping track of financial aid. But they’re not designed to maintain communications and help build relationships. For that, you need a good CRM system,” he added.

Colleges want a CRM that extends across the campus. They’re under pressure to be more efficient and effective in their dealings with their key constituencies, and as a result they’re demanding enterprise solutions that can manage, integrate and automate the process of relationship building — through the entire life cycle.

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