SpiderCloud Wireless and Tango Networks provide reliable joint mobility solution

Infotech Lead America: SpiderCloud Wireless and Tango Networks have been working together to help mobile operators deliver Mobile Unified Communications (Mobile UC) services and advanced PBX functionality over scalable enterprise-class small cell networks.SpiderCloud develops scalable small cell Enterprise Radio Access Network (E-RAN) systems for mobile operators while Tango Networks provides solutions that enable enterprises to leverage the power of Mobile Unified Communications with any mobile phone.

In a recent survey conducted by YouGov, 35 percent of IT managers said that their business is prepared to move to a wireless carrier that could guarantee a better indoor solution. It found that poor indoor mobile coverage and capacity affects 39 percent of large businesses in Britain.

The survey uncovered a significant business opportunity for mobile operators that can address the in-building challenge and deliver additional services to the enterprise. Increasing demand for mobility is causing mobile service providers to look for scalable systems that can provide reliable mobile coverage and better capacity inside buildings.

SpiderCloud Wireless and Tango Networks came together to cater to the needs for a targeted multi-access small cell system that extends connectivity across the enterprise without requiring a special handset or dialer application.

Mobile service providers can now monetize their small cell installations by extending Mobile UC services and providing high quality wireless access to enterprise customers using SpiderCloud’s multi-mode access system with 3G, LTE/4G and dual-band Wi-Fi.

The joint mobility solution provides better mobile services indoors for enterprise customers of any size. Installation takes just a few days using an enterprise-Ethernet Local Area Network (LAN). Organizations can use their existing devices. It enables mobile operators to provide enterprises with the ability to extend their Mobile UC services and applications. PBX functionality can also be used from their IP telephony network as part of the trusted carrier macro-cellular network. It extends optimized Mobile UC and PBX functionality and services both inside and outside the enterprise, allowing users to use their mobile phone just like a desk phone.

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