Samsung Electronics America’s unveils thin client and zero client cloud displays

Infotech Lead America: Samsung Electronics America, a subsidiary of Samsung Electronics Corporation, unveiled its TC191W and TC241W thin-client and NC191 and NC241 zero-client clouddisplays. The latest lines combine VDI and desktop virtualization for simple and highly secure access to a business cloud.The TC-and NC-Series cloud displays provide integrated connectivity to business clouds via desktop virtualization technology. This eliminates the need for a bulky PC with excessive IT administration costs. Sensitive information is centralized and secured in a business cloud,, making the user environment easier to deploy, maintain and manage while minimizing exposure to security risks.

The NC-Series allows organizations to easily migrate to a VDI cloud improving productivity, strengthening protection of sensitive data and streamlining IT costs. The NC Series displays are certified for optimal use with VMware View have built-in access technology using the latest Teradici Tera2 chipset technology. The NC-Series also features SoC (System-on-Chip) technology, which reduces the desktop attack surface while nearly completely eliminating the need for client-side administration.

The TC-Series cloud displays are flexible thin clients with a wide range of desktop virtualization access components built-in, allowing users to connect to a variety of hosted cloud environments. From a familiar Windows interface, users can toggle between published Citrix applications, access a virtual desktop from their VMware server, or login to a corporate HR site from the local IE web browser. Windows Embedded Standard 7 (WES 7) is pre-installed.

Administrators will be able to add local software requisites to drive peripherals like web cams or printers and install local utilities needed for unified communications. The software image has been streamlined to reduce client-side administration.

Both cloud displays are available in 19- and 23.6-inch models. Hardware and cabling is integrated into the display to minimize clutter. A 170-degree viewing angle and Samsung’s Magic Angle technology are accompanied by a 150mm height-adjustable stand. A 90-degree pivot function and wall-mounting capability make them ideal for specialized workplace environments.

Both cloud displays have advanced encoding and decoding for processing multimedia content and high quality images practical for graphic design (CAD) and 3D rendering.

The new TC-Series thin-client (TC191W and TC241W) and NC-Series zero-client cloud access displays (NC191 and NC241) can be ordered today starting around $477 (actual prices may vary).

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