Orange Business Services and Bloomberg partnership offers integrated voice recording service

Infotech Lead America: Orange Business Services – Trading Solutions, in partnership with Bloomberg Vault, provides an integrated voice to help global customers manage their voice recording and archiving.

Bloomberg’s leading cloud-based information management service Bloomberg Vault for enterprise communications is integrated with voice services from Orange Business Services – Trading Solutions to manage data stored by customer-site voice recording systems.

Under the partnership, Orange Business Services – Trading Solutions enables the integration of voice data into Bloomberg Vault to produce electronic records in near real-time. Orange Business Services – Trading Solutions is a leader in voice recording and electronic trading infrastructure in more than 50 countries across 1,300 trading floors.

Financial services firms are required to meet expanded record-keeping and analytics demands globally. Market participants have reporting and record-keeping requirements for transactions, including pre- and post-trade communications relating to a swap transaction such as calls, emails, and instant messages.

A rising increase in market demand for cost effective cloud platforms has been caused by the increasing complexity of record-keeping and record-delivery guidelines.  Compliance personnel look for cloud platforms with features like analytics, search, policy management, and archiving of all data formats – including voice data.

Bloomberg Vault will receive feeds from Orange Business Services – Trading Solutions’ voice capability. Bloomberg Vault will then archive this data. Compliance personnel will be able to execute a single search across all data formats such as email, instant messages, Bloomberg messaging, mobile, social media, proprietary messaging formats, and now voice records, to produce a consolidated transaction-record mapped to counter-parties.

The integrated cloud service from Orange Business Services – Trading Solutions and Bloomberg Vault will be available to regulated industries which can leverage new or existing voice recording infrastructures. The integrated voice recording service is supported by Bloomberg and Orange Business Services – Trading Solutions for clients globally.

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