Oracle to hire engineers to bolster Data-as-a-Service


Oracle Data Cloud plans to hire more than 50 engineers in the next six months to build its portfolio of Data-as-a-Service offerings.

Oracle said it will host a HackerX event at the former Datalogix headquarters in Westminster, Colorado.¬† Datalogix was acquired by Oracle in early 2015 to bolster the company’s DaaS services.

The company added that engineers can learn more about Oracle’s DaaS efforts at the event. Moreover, they can explore employment opportunities within the Oracle Data Cloud team, and meet former Datalogix executives who are now part of the Oracle team.

Oracle said engineers who join Oracle Data Cloud will be part of a team creating innovative data-driven solutions for marketing, sales and customer intelligence.

In late October, Oracle said it has already hired 2,300 engineers in product development in India this year. The enterprise IT company has 12 development centres in India, including facilities in many emerging cities like Vijayawada, Thiruvananthapuram, Noida and Ahmedabad.

Arya MM

[email protected]