IBM unveils Direct Link Cloud Service at $147 per month

Softlayer, cloud service division of IBM, has unveiled Direct Link, a service that brings customers new opportunities for creating hybrid-computing solutions that merge private infrastructure with the SoftLayer platform.

Direct Link is immediately available to all SoftLayer customers, with pricing starting at $147.00/month for a 1Gbps network connection and $997.00/month for a 10Gbps network connection.

Direct Link consists of a physical, dedicated network connection from a customer’s data center, office, or collocation facility to SoftLayer’s data centers and private network through one of the company’s 18 network Points of Presence (PoPs) around the world.

These PoPs reside within facilities operated by SoftLayer partners including Equinix, Telx, Coresite, Terremark, Pacnet, InterXion and TelecityGroup, providing exceptional access for SoftLayer customers with infrastructure collocated in the same facilities.

Matt Chilek, chief technology officer, SoftLayer, said Direct Link helps customers optimize their workloads and get more value out of their data. They can move data both to and from SoftLayer as easily as if the bare metal and virtual servers and storage were part of their local area network, IBM said.

By eliminating the role of the public internet for customers when connecting to the SoftLayer private network, Direct Link offers customers a higher network performance, consistency and predictability, streamlined and accelerated workload and data migration, as well as improved data and operational security.

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