IBM signs new customer in Israel for IBM SoftLayer

In one of the latest cloud partnerships, IBM said Gama Operations, an Israeli technology firm, has deployed a new system for encrypting phone calls and video calls, and voice or video conferences on IBM Cloud.

Gama Operations will leverage IBM SoftLayer cloud to expand their reach to new geographies, accelerate resources allocation and develop flexible payment models for customers.

Gama Operations develops PBX/IP PBX technology to connect telephone extensions of a company to external telephone and mobile networks.  The company has completed over 15,000 installations in large and medium enterprises in countries like Israel, Europe, and South America.

IBM Cloud has helped the technology firm improve efficiency, by helping it deploy the services in a matter of minutes rather than days, and saving its customers from the need to invest or pay any upfront charges during the initial step.

Before Gama Operations moved its solution to the cloud, the entry costs and the burden of managing the systems prevented many customers from adopting encryption solutions, say company officials.

Softlayer cloud infrastructure also fits customers of all sizes and needs, who can use the service to encrypt their phone calls, simply by downloading Gama Operations’ application. The secure calls can be managed both on WiFi networks and third generation cellular networks. The management system allows a user with appropriate authority to control the activities of a defined group.

“Being a real-time solution, we had to guarantee a secure, high performing infrastructure for our encryption system”, said Eyal Alon, CEO of Gama Operations. “Stability, survivability, bandwidth and intense servers, including the options for monitoring and control – were crucial for us to guarantee the high service level for our customers”.

IBM’s global cloud infrastructure supports companies like Gama Operations. SoftLayer is the only IaaS provider with a single private network connecting all datacenters and network Points of Presence (PoP), while offering users bare metal servers with on-demand ordering and automated deployment, the company claims.

The announcement coincides with IBM’s new cloud partnership in Korea.

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