IBM offers $500 discount at SoftLayer cloud center in Paris

Enterprise IT vendor IBM today announced $500 discount for first one month of service at its new SoftLayer cloud center in Paris, France.

IBM in its SoftLayer website said the $500 offer is valid once data center opens. Offer expires on December 31, 2014. IBM is offering discount of up to $500 for the first month of service on the first order only in SoftLayer’s new data center in Paris.

IBM said the new SoftLayer cloud center in Paris, which will complement SoftLayer cloud centers in London and Amsterdam, will be functional before the end of this year.

IBM Cloud will also provide cloud infrastructure services for customers and companies in France that require in-country data residency.

SoftLayer CEO Lance Crosby said: “The Paris cloud center allows us to support workloads and applications from French customers who want their data to stay in the country and secure in the cloud, and provides global clients with an opportunity to get even closer to their end user customers in the region.”

SoftLayer cloud center in Paris

Earlier, IBM announced its plan to open 15 cloud centers. IBM has committed to invest $1.2 billion to grow its cloud presence.

French analyst firm Markess says the cloud computing market in France has increased by €2.2 billion in 2012 to €4.1 billion in 2014 as more companies adopt cloud to deploy Web-centric workloads or transform their existing operations.

Hypernia Corporation, a provider of managed hosting and gaming services, is one of the SoftLayer customers.

Nicolas Zumbiehl, CEO of Hypernia, said: “We appreciate SoftLayer’s cloud environment and worldwide network, and since we’re a global company with clients in France, we’re excited about SoftLayer’s global expansion, and especially about the new data center in France.”

Assima, a developer of end-user performance software for large organizations around the world, is also a SoftLayer customer.

Michel Balcaen, CEO of Assima, said: “We chose SoftLayer because it could deliver the infrastructure we needed to enable our customers with training, localization, and real-time performance support. We manage centrally the Virtual Machines for all our clients worldwide from our R&D Center in Paris.”

Rajani Baburajan
[email protected]