IBM cloud powers Davich Optical Chain Store to expand overseas

Davich Optical Chain Store, an eyewear retail chain in Korea, has adopted IBM cloud to expand its operations overseas and improve internal information management processes.

With 170 branches across the country, Davich Optical company is planning to expand its operations in the overseas markets, especially in the US.

IBM SoftLayer will support its ERP system that will help Davich Optical improve its business operations, meet regulatory requirements, and offer better customer service.

Davich Optical is planning to use the cloud environment to store and manage enterprise and customer data. With a cloud based ERP system, the information can be easily shared and accessed by the end users.

“Davich Optical aspires to establish itself as a global brand and the U.S. is a key market for us. To support our expansion, we were looking for a partner with global cloud capability, a strong footprint in the US, and that can provide the right services,” said Byeong-Yoon Gwon, manager of Davich Information System.

The company will use bare metal servers from SoftLayer to run its ERP solutions.

Davich Optical will also benefit from SoftLayer’s lower networking costs, with free data traffic service between the internal systems and data centers.

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