IBM buys video services provider Clearleap

video to connect
Enterprise IT vendor IBM announced its deal to acquire Clearleap, Inc., a provider of video services, to bolster its cloud computing business.

IBM will integrate Clearleap into the IBM Cloud platform to ensure better user video experiences that can be delivered over the Web and mobile devices.

The Duluth, Georgia-headquartered Clearleap has optimized its video platform for scalability, enabling clients to support concurrent users within seconds to support special events.

Recently, both Facebook and YouTube announced their video initiatives.

HBO, A+E Networks, the NFL, BBC America, Sony Movie Channel, Time Warner Cable, and Verizon Communications, among others, are some of the clients of Clearleap video platform.

Clearleap’s open API framework enables organizations to build video into applications and to adapt to specific business needs such as custom workflows and advanced analytics. The API enables access to key third-party applications that customers may already have in their environments.

The Clearleap video platform includes subscription and monetization services, and data centers from which to host digital video assets.

Clearleap will be providing its video services through IBM Cloud data centers providing 24×7 service and technical support for problem identification and resolution capabilities. Clients will have the ability to securely share data and content across geographies and across hybrid clouds. IBM will offer the Clearleap APIs on IBM Bluemix in 2016 to enable clients to build new video offerings.

“With consumer demand for video growing exponentially, the business of creating compelling and personalized video experiences is booming,” said Braxton Jarratt, CEO of Clearleap.

Founded in 2008, Clearleap operates data centers in Atlanta; Las Vegas; Frankfurt, Germany; and Amsterdam.

In 2014, IBM acquired Aspera Inc., which develops a technology to speed large data transfers over broadband networks.

In November, IBM completed the acquisition of Cleversafe, Inc., a developer of object-based storage software and appliances that enable organizations to quickly store, manage and retrieve unstructured data.

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