IBM in 5-year services deal with Qvantel to deploy Cloud solution

IBM has signed a 5-year services agreement with Qvantel, which provides business process support solutions for billing and enterprise resource management, to deploy a Cloud solution.

Cloud IT model will improve Qvantel’s flexibility in offering business-processes-as-a-service (BPaaS) to its customers, said IBM.

Qvantel will benefit from IBM private cloud solution, management, monitoring and architecture consulting services. Qvantel will be able to ensure the reliable production and delivery of secured, flexible and scalable services for millions of monthly billing transactions.

IBM’s mix of traditional consulting services and scalable Cloud infrastructure, as part of the IT deal, will assist Qvantel’s customers to quickly launch new campaigns and offer new value-add services to end-users.

The IBM Cloud solution will allow Qvantel to further develop its production methods intohybrid cloud model in the future by taking needed additional services from the public cloud to meet dynamic market changes, if needed.

Jukka Hopearuoho, client solution executive, IBM Finland, said: “With the IBM cloud platform, IBM will help Qvantel launch new services in a matter of days or weeks instead of months, and will enable it to deliver consistent services around the world.”