Huawei, Intel cooperate on server, storage, data center and cloud computing

Huawei has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Intel to strategically cooperate in enhancing joint engineering efforts and bringing new IT solutions to the market.

The collaboration will include enhancing engineering cooperation and building competitive products and solutions for server, storage, data center and cloud computing as well as jointly going to market in China and other geographic areas.

The combination of the expertise of Huawei and Intel will offer compelling information technology that provides customers with new user experiences that can produce business return.

The partnership will strengthen and highlight the continued focus on server, storage, data center and cloud computing products. It will also share market development efforts, synchronize future strategies and shorten product development cycles through improving solution alignment and joint innovation.

“Intel leads in computing innovation, and builds advanced platforms for server, cloud computing, storage and data center solutions,” said Ian Yang, Intel corporate vice president and China president. “The strategic MoU between Intel and Huawei will bring the cooperation to a new level. The key advantage for both companies is the ability to bring new innovative product and usage models to market.”

Ian Yang, Intel

As strategic partner in IT solutions, Intel strongly supports Huawei IT group’s growth capability, solution development, and channel promotion which have already led to a break through this year in high-end servers. Huawei launched 4 Tecal V2 high-end servers based on Intel Xeon processors E7 product families and Intel Xeon processors E5 product families in July.

“Huawei has strong capability in server, storage, data center and cloud computing,” said Zheng Yelai, president of Huawei IT product line. “We have had an excellent collaboration over the past ten years with Intel. The strategic global cooperation MoU on IT will only help to strengthen the Huawei and Intel relationship, and allow us both to innovate around customer demand – providing more efficient, more valuable ICT solutions to our customers.”

Huawei recently announced USD 2 billion investment and procurement plans for the U.K. Huawei will invest USD1 billion (GBP650 million) and plans to spend another USD1 billion (GBP650 million) in procurement in the U.K over the next five years.

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