GlobalOutlook delivers cloud-based unified communication solution

Infotech Lead America: GlobalOutlook, a provider of cloud-based email, communication and collaboration solutions, launched GO UConnect, a new secure cloud-based unified communications solution for small and medium businesses (SMBs).
The new solution is based on Microsoft  and GlobalOutlook UC technologies and allows SMBs and service providers including hosting providers, system integrators and TELCOs to implement enterprise grade unified communication and collaboration solutions.
The solution allows small and medium businesses to improve their productivity and lower their communication cost using a seamless unified interface and 24×7 certified live support. GlobalOutlook provides a single predictable bill every month, thereby enabling companies to avoid multiple invoices from multiple communication vendors. By connecting the office in the cloud, GO UConnect enables users to be productive anytime, anywhere.
The GO UConnect suite includes telephone, web/video conferencing, secure instant messaging, document storage and sharing, collaboration on TeamSites, calendar and email. Users can make and receive unlimited landlines and mobile calls to any US and Canada phone number.

GO UConnect provides a secure, unified interface for exchange email and integrated calendar, cloud-based PBX system, mobile client, PC to PC Voice and Video calls, file sharing, Instant Messaging, Audio, Video and Web Conferencing, Outlook integration with Presence, desktop and application screen sharing, team Site for document sharing, workflows and other collaboration tools and unlimited landline and mobile calls to/from US and Canada numbers as well as landline calls to UK numbers.
“GO UConnect brings together the communications and collaboration tools that traditionally have existed in silos. SMBs can now benefit from the same enterprise grade services as larger businesses,” said Dayakar Puskoor, executive chairman of GlobalOutlook.
“Increasingly, businesses are moving towards a unified communications (UC) approach to become more productive and cost-efficient,” Puskoor added. “Providing quality UC services is becoming a competitive advantage for resellers and service providers, who until now were deterred by the high setup and ongoing costs.”
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