Dell unveils Foglight APM SaaS Edition for developers

At Dell World 2014, Dell has announced the availability of Foglight APM SaaS Edition to provide developers with on-demand tools to improve cloud-based application performance.

Cloud adoption is growing among developers and IT managers. However, there is a marked difference in the cloud needs between them, says Dell.

Developers require instant access to cloud services and true self-service capabilities, while IT managers wish for greater governance, visibility and integration across the whole cloud spectrum (data center, private, public and hybrid).

To help both community of cloud users, Dell has partnered with Delphix, Docker and Pertino to help developers improve application performance by offering Foglight application performance monitoring as software-as-a-service (SaaS).

Dell Cloud Marketplace gives users the tools necessary to select the best cloud services and solutions to meet their unique requirements.

With management, governance and security built in, Dell Cloud Marketplace streamlines the consumption and deployment of cloud services, allowing customers to deploy and provision single, multiple and hybrid cloud environments across several users and various accounts, the company said.

The partnership with Delphix, Docker and Pertino will enable developers to realize the full potential of the public cloud ecosystem.

Dell plans to offer Delphix, Docker and Pertino solutions via the Dell Cloud Marketplace next year, allowing users to subscribe to these solutions along with the public cloud infrastructure resources of their choice.

Together with Delphix, Dell will simplify data migration, deployment and recovery, enabling seamless data management across both public and hybrid cloud environments.

The Dell-Docker alliance will accelerate distributed application development and deployments by helping developers spend more time creating applications and waste less time creating and maintaining infrastructure.

By teaming with Pertino, Dell will eliminate the complexity of securely connecting multiple and hybrid clouds, enabling dynamic, secure, private networks across any cloud, anytime, anywhere.

The Foglight APM SaaS Edition brings fast time-to-value by offering simplicity, depth and smarts to the web and mobile applications community, Dell said.

With the new SaaS Edition, it only takes a few minutes and zero configuration effort for users to get real-time monitoring and detailed insight into their applications, making it ideally suited for applications deployed in the cloud or other dynamic environments.

Dell Foglight APM SaaS Edition is currently available globally in English language only. Dell is also offering the product and its full feature set for free for a limited time through the end of December 2014.

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