Coreye selects CA Nimsoft Monitor to reduce the cost of IT service delivery

Infotech Lead America: CA Technologies announced that Coreye, a specialist in hosting and managing strategic applications, has selected CA Nimsoft Monitor to enhance the service quality and reduce the costs of its IT service delivery.

CA Nimsoft Monitor has the ability to unify the monitoring of its IT infrastructure performance. CA Nimsoft Monitor has helped Coreye increase its productivity; Coreye anticipates a return on investment (ROI) within 18 months, the company claims.

Coreye, which has realized 15 percent growth in 2012 and set a matching forecast for 2013, has established a vertical business strategy focused on developing applications tailored to customers in the healthcare and e-commerce industries, among others. CA Nimsoft Monitor anchors Coreye’s new business model.

“Replacing five monitoring products with one allows us to monitor the performance of our entire IT infrastructure,” Camille Cacheux, CEO of Coreye, said. “CA Nimsoft Monitor enhances our ability to assure our customers’ application service levels and allows us to provide them with detailed reports adapted to the requirements of their specific business.”

CA Nimsoft Monitor manages Coreye’s multi-tenant IT infrastructure, which is composed of databases, business applications (including UNIX, Linux, Windows and other environments) and more than 1000 components. The solution can scale to monitor more components as needed.

Jean-François Pruvot, country manager, CA Technologies, said that in addition to offering a highly sophisticated and unified monitoring solution covering a wide range of environments, CA Nimsoft Monitor may also provide a rapid return on investment.

Coreye conducted a detailed analysis of the expected ROI of CA Nimsoft Monitor.

“The automated control and industrialization of our monitoring processes has stepped up productivity and reduced our costs. The ROI was calculated to be 18 months. After six months in production, I can confirm that figure,” said Cacheux. “CA Nimsoft Monitor is a strategic component of our cloud infrastructure. It is indispensable.”

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