Cloud use in enterprises set to increase: Verizon


Cloud is being used by enterprises to transform their businesses and the use is expected to increase in the coming years, a report from Verizon showed Monday.

According to the State of the Market: Enterprise Cloud report, 69 percent of enterprises say cloud has enabled them to re-engineer one or more of their business processes. That was a change from last year’s view that it is being used for mission-critical workloads.

85 percent of the respondents say their cloud use has increased in the past year. Half of enterprises say they will use cloud for at least 75 percent of their workloads by 2018.

The report also showed 88 percent enterprises believe cloud improved responsiveness to business needs and 65 percent are of the view that cloud improved overall operations.

“Companies are using cloud technologies to create new customer experiences, reengineer their business processes, find new opportunities to grow and manage risk and compliance measures,” said Ryan Shuttleworth, cloud chief technology officer for Verizon Enterprise Solutions.

Further, the report found that demand for private cloud is on the rise. Nearly half of enterprises are currently using, or plan to implement, a private cloud solution. On the other hand, 37 percent respondents feel the same about public cloud.

Enterprises also said no one cloud fits for all purposes. Hence, they rely on two to four cloud providers.26 percent of enterprises use more than 10 cloud providers.

With regard to security, 80 percent of enterprises said their cloud environment is as secure, indicating that security is not an impediment in cloud implementation.

Arya MM

[email protected]