Citrix’s NetScaler Insight Center provides visibility for mobile and cloud services

Infotech Lead America: Citrix has launched NetScaler Insight Center, a new solution based on the company’s cloud networking platform that delivers visibility and control to critical business applications and mobile services across public and private cloud environments.

Citrix created NetScaler Pay- As-You-Grow, a licensing model that provides on-demand elasticity, avoids costly hardware purchases and upgrades, and ensures that IT managers can respond to changing traffic conditions

NetScaler Pay-As-You-Grow enables data center managers to purchase an ADC solution optimally sized to meet current needs, while preserving the ability to scale up to support future capacity requirements — without purchasing additional hardware.

The new NetScaler Insight Center is based on the open standard AppFlow. It leverages existing networking real estate situated at key focal points in the application path to provide a 360-degree view for all mobile, web and virtual desktop traffic. This placement provides a network big data analytics platform that enables unprecedented visibility and real-time insight into data center traffic.

With traditional enterprise applications increasingly being complemented by a variety of new cloud, desktop and mobile applications, the need to successfully deliver these applications over a variety of networks to myriad device types is creating new constraints on traditional enterprise data centers.

The growing enormity and variety of data in the data centre poses a challenge to IT managers. They have to monitor both application and network traffic in a way that ensure an enhanced user experience and improved user productivity, while securing business continuity.

NetScaler leverages analytics to provide real-time statistics to the IT team awhile automatically optimizing the delivery of apps, virtual desktops and mobile services for better control. The new Insight Center technology will enable companies to dynamically change policy in real time based on data extracted from existing NetScaler real estate.

Key monitoring and troubleshooting capabilities offered in the new NetScaler Insight Center are enabled by HDX Insight and Web Insight. These systems provide Citrix XenApp and Citrix XenDesktop customers a cost-effective, easy-to-use solution for monitoring and troubleshooting XenApp and XenDesktop deployments and the critical applications that they run. For the first time, desktop and network administrators can ensure optimal user experience, employee productivity, and maintain SLAs for any user, anywhere, on any device.

Web Insight enables visibility into enterprise web applications and allows IT administrators to monitor all web applications being served by the NetScaler providing integrated, real-time monitoring of application and client traffic for troubleshooting along with historical reporting for capacity planning. Web Insight provides critical information such as user and server response time, enabling IT organizations to monitor and improve application performance and availability SLAs.

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