Wipro IT solution to ensure 60% cut in travel management costs

Wipro CEO TK Kurien
IT outsourcing company Wipro launched Travel & Expense (T&E) Management as a Service solution on Microsoft Azure platform for B2B segment.

Wipro claims that T&E Management as a Service solution will assist businesses to achieve up to 60 percent reduction in total travel & expense management costs and improve the experience for their employees.

Available in December 2015, the solution will provide accurate processes for users, administrators and finance functions across an enterprise to carry out the process of travel-related reimbursement and reporting.

Wipro said its T&E Management as a Service solution will create a cloud-based mobile and web application with enterprise and third party API (Application Program Interface) integration to make this process efficient.

It will provide intuitive performance and insights similar to that offered by popular social apps. The application will allow for easy travel ticketing, accommodation booking and ground transportation booking.

Besides, the Wipro IT solution will capture and report expenses and enable accounting to be aligned with corporate policies and norms. It will also leverage data analytics on travel patterns for detection of frauds and duplicate claims.

“Microsoft was an exceptional partner in helping us realize our idea,” said TK Kurien, chief executive officer of Wipro.

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