TCS in pact with Gfi Informatique for smart city solutions

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IT services provider Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) has tied up with France-based Gfi Informatique to offer smart city solutions in France to meet the requirements of digital initiatives in public transportation, water, and energy.

The French company will include Intelligent Urban Exchange – an advanced analytics solution developed by TCS – as part of their joint value-added capabilities to address market requirements and deliver greater benefits to smart city programmes in France.

“The agreement introduces advanced analytics software capabilities to expand Gfi Informatique’s approach to unite and leapfrog the digital transformation of public sectors to build new revenue streams and create a culture of more fully engaged, satisfied citizens,” said Seeta Hariharan, general manager and group head of TCS Digital Software and Solutions.

Big data and domain specific advanced analytics would be combined to provide cities, utilities or transport operators with real-time actionable insights and deliver cost-effective operations across multiple intelligent city domains such as transportation, water, energy, open governance and city commerce.

“Our first commitment is to meet the expectations of cities, including its citizens, elected officials and economic stakeholders with innovative solutions for operational efficiency, new revenue opportunities and citizen satisfaction,” said Vincent Rouaix, chairman and CEO of Gfi Informatique.