L&T Infotech acquires ISRC of Pune

IT services provider L&T Infotech on Tuesday announced the acquisition of Information Systems Resource Centre (ISRC) of Pune.

V K Magapu, managing director, L&T Infotech, said: “L&T Infotech plans to leverage the technology capability and experience of ISRC to enhance its value-add to UTC.”

The Mumbai-based L&T Infotech has two key vendor facilities in Mumbai serving UTC Building & Industrial Systems, as well as a team of professionals serving various divisions of UTC.

L&T Infotech has 20,000 IT professional across the globe.

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  • Hary Potter

    Story of very expensive CXO Kumbh Mela at L&T. What is
    the number of CEOss at L&T and all its subsidiaries (138), their CTC? How
    far higher, this is to manage L&T group $14 bln of revenues than Mr Sikka
    of Infosys highest paid professional CEO (rs 30 crores) in India, entrusted
    with business worth $ 8 bln in revenue and 1.6 lakhs high flying IT talent.
    Just Chairman Mr Naik and Group CEO Mr Vankatraman are pegged at 21 crores and
    14 crores. Both are nearly/above age of 70. L&T Technology Services and L&T
    Infotech together are sort of KUMBH-MELA of CXOs, CXO factories. L&T Infotech 2 big-ticket CEOs, they left
    last month – very quitely, now L&T looking for another two. 1 very-big-ticket COO (Infy
    CEO contender), 1 big-ticket CEO for Technology services. These 4 gentlemen are
    all laterals. Infotech is claiming to touch $1 bln since 2010, still not there
    – its 2014 end. L&T Infotech could
    be for L&T what TCS is for TATA group, a great savior. But unfortunately L&T
    is in tight grip of not-ready-to-extinct well frog dinosaurs. Geriatric
    leadership, on one hand taking their retirement and perks to stratospheric
    heights (75 yrs, 21 crores) on other hand firing young talented people
    ruthlessly. Even after this case there is no harassment cell at L&T
    Infotech till April-2014 – all Taliban rule. Please Google – Class Action Suit
    Seeks $100 Million for Pregnancy Discrimination, Other Violations. Infotech is
    claiming to touch $1 bln in revenue by 2010 end, its 2014 end – still no there.
    Who owns L&T?