Infosys supports Openreach’s call center program

IT services provider Infosys announced that Openreach, the infrastructure division of BT Group, has expanded its Seamless Desktop project to an additional 1,000 users.

This expansion brings the number of front office and back office call center agents to over 5,000, said Infosys in a statement.

The Seamless Desktop project on the AssistEdge platform by EdgeVerve Systems, an Infosys company, integrates disparate systems that are used by agents to support Openreach engineers and field agents in the UK.

The Infosys platform has reduced call handling times by 20 percent, halved training time from six to three months for new agents, and reduced login time from up to 20 minutes to a single sign on that takes less than 60 seconds. It provides analytical insights that enable Openreach to allocate resources and improve network planning and customer service.

Alan Hall, director, Openreach, said: “Extending the use of AssistEdge within the Seamless Desktop project was an easy decision for us. Over 5,000 people in over 50 centers are now able to provide our customers and engineers with a much improved service.”

“This has saved us money, automated tasks and enabled us to improve management planning. We know the calls are shorter and the operational processes are faster, and while we don’t measure the tone of voice, I’d say they are a fair bit happier too,” Hall said.

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