Brazil’s CRM BPO market estimated to reach $16.21 billion in 2018

Infotech Lead America: As the demand for instant communication solutions and integrated end-to-end customer relationship services intensifies, enterprises are increasingly turning to third-party contact centers.

Update on the CRM BPO and Contact Center Outsourcing Services Market in Brazil, reports that the market earned revenues of more than $5.42 billion in 2011 and estimates this to reach $16.21 billion in 2018.

New analytic technologies that lead to the development of better value-add services will ensure the steady growth of Brazil’s customer relationship management business process outsourcing (CRMBPO) and contact center outsourcing services market. The wide use of social media as a real-time communication channel among businesses and their clients is fostering new customer relationship strategies.

Regulations such as the National Orientation Program for Consumer Protection Institution (PROCON) that establish strict policies for improved processes, promote better quality of customer service, and apply sanctions for non-compliant organizations have accelerated market expansion. The regulations have improved contact centers’ technical expertise and professionalism, enhancing customer experience though operational costs have also increased.

Despite the efforts by contact center providers to better their expertise and expand their value-added service portfolio, many enterprises still prefer less expensive business-as-usual models. The perception that contact center services are a non-strategic and operational resource curbs adoption and dissuades vendors from developing further solutions. As they discover more profitable value-add services, contact centers will become enterprises’ strategic marketing intelligence partners for business growth.

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