Teradata announces Teradata REST Services

Teradata has announced Teradata REST Services (Representative State Transfer) — offering an agile and easy interface to a Teradata Database from any device for insights that support data driven decisions.

Earlier, remote interfaces required a lengthy IT development cycle, software driver installation on devices and ongoing management.

Teradata REST services turn a phone, a desktop computer, or a custom handheld device into an information portal from the Teradata Database using simple and direct web page connection.

Company said, with any device, a customer, supplier, mobile employee, or application can use the Teradata Database for critical data and insights.

Additionally, Teradata REST services open up the Teradata Database to a rapidly expanding set of business applications.

Customers can use Teradata REST to run their organizations, such as track and trace access from mobile devices to monitor parcel delivery, account status or incident number look up for sales or technical support associates, in-store merchandise brand manager access to operations information dashboard from a handheld device.

Also, mobile users can perform database queries with Teradata REST services which enable a new generation of applications and web page development with an easy-to-maintain architecture.

Teradata REST services are available to download for free for existing Teradata Database customers.

“Teradata REST services solve the problems associated with remote database access, which normally requires driver software that is intrusive and complicated to manage on diverse and widespread devices,” said Dan Harrington, executive vice president, global consulting and support services, Teradata.

Few days ago, Teradata announced its deal with Advance Auto Parts, an automotive aftermarket parts provider in North America, for its Enterprise Data Warehouse (EDW).

Last month, Teradata announced the new version of Teradata Database.