NetApp E5500 simplifies high performance computing and big data

Infotech Lead America:  NetApp has launched the new NetApp E5500, the latest addition to the NetApp E-Series platform, designed to provide industry-leading performance, efficiency, and reliability for big data and high-performance computing (HPC). It builds the foundation for highly available high-capacity application workflows to provide industry-leading storage performance with half the footprint and half the operational costs over competitive systems.

The E5500 builds on the modular scalability and proven reliability of the seven previous generations of the E series to provide customers with a new level of performance, efficiency, and reliability. The latest E5500 controller provides OEMs and organizations with a platform that overcomes the speed, scale, and reliability challenges posed by big data and HPC while delivering a better return on investment.

The SGI InfiniteStorage 5600, which is an OEM version of the NetApp E5500, has produced a new SPC-2 result confirming the performance and cost efficiency of the new E5500. The audited, peer-reviewed SPC-2 result demonstrates the highest throughput per spindle by more than 2.5 times over the nearest non-NetApp published result and validates how the E5500 helps customers accelerate business results and reduce operational costs and footprint.

The E5500’s modular architecture can be used with file systems, such as Lustre and Hadoop, to scale to unlimited performance efficiently. It provides the density and speed needed to accelerate time to results for HPC and big data customers.

The NetApp AutoSupport tool is now available for the E-Series product line, providing improved service and uptime to customers. NetApp AutoSupport informs NetApp’s world-wide support organization of key metrics and system information. Benefits of NetApp AutoSupport include improved system health and uptime, enhanced storage and operational efficiency, and an overall improved support experience.

NetApp earns revenues of $1.630 billion for third quarter fiscal year 2013

NetApp’s revenues for the third quarter of fiscal year which ended January 25, 2013 rose to $1.630 billion as compared to $1.566 billion for the same period a year ago.Revenues for the first nine months of fiscal year 2013 totaled $4.616 billion compared to revenues of $4.531 billion for the first nine months of the previous fiscal year.

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