HP unveils cloud-based analytics as a service on big data platform

HP has unveiled cloud-based analytics as a service built on HP’s HAVEn Big Data analytics platform, helping organizations create next-generation applications and solutions that accelerate the monetization of big data.

HP HAVEn combines proven technologies, including HP Autonomy IDOL, HP Vertica Analytics Platform, HP ArcSight Security Event Manager and HP ArcSight Logger, as well as key industry initiatives such as Hadoop.

Clients can more effectively analyze and derive value from their information, such as increase sales with targeted client offerings, improve supply chain performance, detect fraud or discover security risks.

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HP Enterprise Services is one of the first adopters of HP HAVEn platform. Deployed as part of its Big Data Discovery Experience as-a-service offering, the solution allows customers to test drive and determine the value of their new use cases and “big data” data sets prior to making large capital investments.

By using the HP HAVEn platform, HP Enterprise Services can help clients solve complex business problems applying a wide range of statistical methods to image, audio, text and machine generated data.

Important solutions offered as part of this service include Customer Intelligence, Supply Chain and Operations, and Sensor Data Analytics in industries such as Communications Media and Entertainment, Consumer Goods, Retail, Travel and Transportation, and Public Sector.

As part of the HP Big Data Discovery Experience, clients have been able to quickly introduce challenges, engage HP’s data scientists and rapidly develop solutions that can be deployed either on premise or in the cloud.

“HP Enterprise Services has leveraged HP HAVEn’s unified approach to Big Data to provide a low-risk, simplified and accelerated entry path to addressing key client business problems,” said Marshal Correia, vice president and general manager, Enterprise Services, HP India.

HP’s Big Data Discovery Experience as a Service powered by HP HAVEn leverages HP’s Enterprise Services Cloud environment to provide flexibility and scalability. This allows HP solve complex problems involving the combination of structured (database content) and unstructured (emails, social media, digital, machine) data.

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