Gitanjali Group leverages SAS Visual Analytics to manage business data

Infotech Lead Asia: Gitanjali Group, a manufacturer and retailer of diamonds and jewelry, is using SAS Visual Analytics to explore and analyze business data, including supply chain and profitability metrics.

SAS will help the Group enhance decision making and widen the acceptance of advanced analytical modeling within the organization. With SAS Visual Analytics, users can explore data and execute analytic correlations on massive data rapidly, in just minutes or seconds.

With SAS Visual Analytics, Gitanjali can simply drag and drop business parameters to quickly generate insightful visual reports and manage the demand and supply chain across various brands. It will help them increase data-driven decision making and facilitate breakthrough business outcomes.

The company will streamline its operational and supply chain processes by using SAS High-Performance analytical solutions. Additionally, with SAS Visual Analytics, business users at Gitanjali Group will have easy and instant access to reports via the Web or mobile devices.

SAS Visual Analytics powers Hong Kong Efficiency Unit

Recently SAS announced that the Hong Kong Efficiency Unit has tapped SAS Visual Analytics for insights to better serve population. The project allows the Efficiency Unit to visually examine data on citizens’ complaints, develop insights and find innovative solutions in collaboration with its partner agencies

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